The Púca Harvest Market

At the Púca Festival 2023, the Harvest Market beckons with a captivating blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and ancient Irish heritage. Nestled within the festival’s enchanting ambiance at the Porchfields, Trim, this market is a treasure trove of immersive experiences. Here, you can explore the art of wood sculpting, discover the secrets of Neolithic bread making, or indulge in the age-old pastime of board games. From Viking archaeology to intricate willow sculpture, the Harvest Market is a portal to Ireland’s rich history and culture. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of Púca, connecting with the past through hands-on activities, captivating displays, and artisanal crafts. Join us and embark on a journey through time at the Harvest Market, where tradition comes to life in the most enchanting way. The harvest market is open from:

Saturday 28th October 11am – 9pm
Sunday 29th October 11am – 7pm
Monday 30th October 11am -7pm
Tuesday 31st October 11am – 7pm

The Harvest Market is located in the Porchfields, Trim, right beside the Púca big top for easy access. You can see what’s available below, with more being added all the time, be sure to check back!

Déise Medieval Village

Come and explore how our ancestors from over 2000 years ago survived the cold winter nights that followed Samhain. Learn how they cooked and the foods that they ate.

SPINNING & WEAVING From a sheep in the field to the clothes on your back, the story of everyday work with wool. Spinning, dyeing and sophisticated weaving made the Irish Celt’s renowned as a well-dressed people.

SAMHAIN FESTIVAL FOOD What did our ancestors eat at the Samhain Festival? Our food display shows a typical Samhain feast in Ireland featuring seasonal foods such as fruits, nuts, grains and meat from the ever popular homely pig. Learn about the old tradition of leaving out a plate of colcannon to feed those from the underworld who were wandering the earth on all hallows night or peel an apple to find your future partner!

COOKING DISPLAY Our resident homemaker will keep the fires burning and keep the cold out of the whole village with a hearty meal made from authentic ingredients and cooked in the traditional way over an open fire. Note: Food cooked in this manner is not suitable for public consumption

BOARDGAME & PASTIME DISPLAY There is no Netflix or XBox…what to do? Play Bran Dubh, an ancient and popular board game something akin to draughts or try your hand at the original version of skittles called “Kubb”.

HEALTH & HYGIENE Not for the faint hearted!! The ancient Irish lived a hard and risky life, failing to dodge a sword or plough would mean a visit to the local healer…. Sometimes it might be best to let nature take its course….

WANDERING WISE WOMAN Talk with our wise woman on how she took care of the people of the village when they were ill using herbs and home made remedies.

ARROW MAKING & FLETCHING Used for hunting and warfare, the bow and arrow have a long history. Different arrowheads have different uses, and to this day the Longbow is still considered a formidable weapon.

The Big Dig

The School of Irish Archaeology (SIA) is proud to introduce their finest product ‘The Big Dig’. This unique hands-on and fun event is a workshop excavation designed for children aged 5-12 years and allows them to explore the past world through a simulated and controlled archaeological dig. 

‘The Big Dig’ excavation offers children an opportunity to experience what it is like to be an archaeologist by learning how to excavate the remains of an ancient house. During their dig for treasures and artefacts, they also learn about the lifestyles of their ancestors, guided by our team of professional working archaeologists. The engaged and knowledgeable staff will demonstrate and explain how the objects uncovered during the dig were used in day-to-day life. We ensure this educational experience won’t leave children disappointed. In fact, we guarantee they will leave wanting to know even more about our ancient ancestors and the work of archaeologists!

Ancient Bread Making

Join us at our Ancient Irish bread making workshop. How did we make bread before we could just pop to the shops to buy some? A workshop to join in making neolithic bread – thrashing the grain, milling, kneading dough and baking on a raised oven. This workshop is interpretively guided by historical records and artefacts.

Fidchell Games

In ancient times the Aonach was held at Samhain at Tlachtga (The Hill of Ward), Co. Meath. During this time, Fidchell was played by local kings to settle disputes. The centre area of the board represents the fifth province, as there was in Ireland in ancient times – Meath, the ruling home of the high king at the Hill of Tara in the Kingdom of Midhe. 

Chess, draughts and game enthusiasts, come join us during the four days of Trim Harvest Market where we will be exhibiting and teaching the ancient Celt game of Fidchell. A game of logistics to play with challenging fun or to discover the numerous layers of skill involved in mastery!

Learn to play this ancient Irish board game played by the high kings of Ireland themselves – do you have what it takes to be Púca Festival Fidchell champion of 2023?

An Gobha Pendant Workshop

Learn how to hand-craft pieces from the forge of Tom King, ‘An Gobha’, or shop some of the pieces made at his forge in the heart of the Boyne Valley. These creations are all hand-made from mild black steel.

Irish Wood Sculpting with Joey Burns

Joey Burns ~ Irish Wood Sculptor who has been carving and sculpting wood since 1988, it is his passion and Joeys work is inspired by the Irish landscape and is association with history and mythology 

Visit to learn about wood sculpting, and watch Joey create a beautiful sculpture designed especially for the Púca Festival!

Willow workshop with Lynn Kirkham

The Green Mantle Experience – a hands-on workshop, led by a master willow artist Lynn Kirkham, will offer participants the opportunity to learn the art of willow sculpting, fostering a sense of artistic expression and ecological appreciation within our community.