Musical Talent at Púca Festival 2022

We had a huge line-up of top-class Irish talent for the Púca Festival in 2022, we put together a spotify playlist of some of our favourite acts below, you can also follow our playlist and account by clicking here.

The Academic – ‘Bear Claws’ 

It’s no secret that Indie-Pop legends The Academic have taken the Irish music scene by storm. Bear Claws features on their chart-topping album Tales from the Backseat. With a youthful melody and exhilarating chorus, the sheer triumphant energy makes it an absolute indie banger. 


Imelda May – ‘Tainted Love’ 

Imelda May, aka the modern face of jazz is a beloved gem in the Irish music scene. Her rock-a-billy tunes with distinctly powerful vocals have banked her a wealth of global critical acclaim. May’s rendition of Gloria Jane’s Tainted Love encapsulates her unique 1950’s style. 


Gavin James – ‘Always’ 

Lovestruck Gavin James takes us on a lyrical journey exploring the highs and lows of relationships through his music. Always is a heart-breaking track with stunning, soaring vocals taken from his album Only Ticket Home. 


Cathy Davey – ‘The Touch’ 

Cathy Davey, occasionally referred to as ‘Ireland’s Björk’, unleashes her emotions with a spell-binding voice and examines the complexities of human nature throughout her music. Her personality shines through her chilling vocals in The Touch, a track from her 2010 album The Nameless, which was the top selling album in Ireland upon the week of its release. 


Lisa Hannigan – ‘Fall’ 

Lisa Hannigan’s otherworldly voice effortlessly shifts from smoky lows to crystalline highs. Her signature delicate vocals and soft melody captivate the listener in Fall, which was the first single from her third album At Swim. 


Ham SandwicH – ‘Illuminate’ 

Co. Meath native, alt-pop band Ham SandwicH are known for their incendiary live performances on the festival circuit. The production value is top rated on Illuminate, a fast-paced pop-rock bop with an effortlessly catchy melody, featured on their album Stories from the Surface.

Jerry Fish – ‘Back to Before’ 

Renowned rockstar, ringmaster and overall legend Jerry Fish knows how to electrify a crowd. His set at Púca Festival in 2021 was so memorable, we’ve invited the showman and his electric ‘cabaret’ back for round 2. Back to Before is a melodic masterpiece from his 2009 hit album The Beautiful Untrue. 


The High Kings – ‘Oh Maggie’ 

With 13 instruments played between the four-member ensemble, The High Kings have undoubtably raised the bar for Irish Folk bands and are widely regarded to be at the forefront of their genre. The flawless group harmonies and skilful musicianship can be heard on Oh Maggie from their album Friends for Life. 


King Kong Company – ‘Scarity Dan’ 

Commotion struck Waterford the day rave-tastic group King Kong Company formed. Their hypnotic drum and base tunes like Scarity Dan, have brought a frenzy of adrenaline to every Irish festival you can name, if not more than once. 


Abbaesque – ‘SOS’ 

Lay all your love on Ireland’s hottest tribute band, ABBAesque. With an excess of 150 shows sold out annually across Ireland, their lengthy 21-year career has surpassed that of the Swedish pop band to whom they pay homage. We’re digging their spin off SOS. 


Seo Linn – ‘Óró’ 

Blending a unique fusion of pop music and traditional instruments, quartet Seo Linn have carved out their mark in the Irish music scene in a celebration of heritage. An amalgamation of talent, exuberance and passion for Gaeilge shines through Seo Linn’s Óró, one of their many excellent folk ballads. 


Kíla – ‘Howls the Wolf (Moll’s Song – Wolf Run Free)’ 

Celtic pop group Kíla are the high voltage heroes of contemporary Irish music. Howls the Wolf (Moll’s Song – Wolf Run Free) features on the score of Wolfwalkers, an animation by Kilkenny’s Cartoon Saloon, in collaboration with Norwegian artist Aurora, bringing together orchestra and Irish traditional instruments. 

Sharon Shannon – ‘Lost Soul’ featuring Lucia Evans  

Widely respected and deeply talented, Sharon Shannon became known for broadening the horizons of traditional music in the 1980s and ‘90s. Thoroughly versed in Irish music, she has not been afraid to mix her playing on accordion and fiddle with all manner of different styles – from reggae to country. Lost Soul is from Sharon’s brand new EP Unlocked Series 3 – Collaboration, featuring incredible vocals from Lucia Evans. 



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