Samhain - Night Between The Years

Experience the thinning of the veil between realms as darkness descends into the beginning of a new Celtic year. Witness the arrival of our ancestors and wild characters as they come out to play for the weekend. Join in the fun by bringing a hag stone to look through and see who has shapeshifted and is wearing a nature-inspired disguise to hide from Púca.

Embrace the Magic of ‘Samhain - Night Between The Years’ – Our Grand Opening Procession

Prepare for enchantment at Púca Festival 2023 with our new opening procession, ‘Samhain Night Between The Years,’ in Trim on Saturday, 28th October 2023 at 6.30pm. Note that this is a free, non-ticketed event.

Immerse yourself in street performance with local traditional Irish music, celebrating the mystical world of Samhain. Join us for ‘Samhain – Night Between The Years’ and let the magic begin at the grand opening of Púca Festival 2023. After the procession, continue the festivities at the Barbican Gate of Trim Castle with ‘A Story of Samhain’ and a mesmerising fire display by the Pyro Collective.

Take a look at the full route by downloading your copy of the opening procession map below!

Opening Procession Map

Experience the Grand Closing - 'An Lasadh Suas' (The Lighting)

As Púca Festival 2023 comes to an end, we invite you to gather at the Fair Green in Athboy, a town steeped in Halloween tradition, for the spectacular ‘An Lasadh Suas’ (The Lighting) closing ceremony.

In this symbolic event, a procession led by a master of ceremonies will carry the Tlachtga flame, igniting fire sculptures representing Tara, Loughcrew, Tailteann, and Uisneach. Each landscape’s story will be shared, culminating in the lighting of ‘An Lasadh Suas,’( The Lighting ) setting light to your thoughtful messages, symbolizing ancestral connections to help guide us through this winter.

With the Púca flame ablaze, the celebration continues with music and revelry, inviting Irish diaspora and friends to join in the global merriment. Don’t miss ‘An Lasadh Suas (The Lighting) which culminates the 2023 festival, as we bid farewell to another enchanting year. This event begins in the Fairgreen, Athboy on Tuesday, 31st October 2023 at 5.15pm. Note this is a free, non-ticketed event.

To find the closing ceremony and further details about parking, venues and other events in Athboy, download your copy of the Púca Festival Map of Athboy below!

Púca Festival Athboy Map


Honour Your Ancestors

Where Samhain daylight lends its light to the coming dark, the Fairgreen in Athboy has been transformed into a beautiful light park for the weekend. An ancestral light sculpture will be placed in the park and it will become a contemplative space to reflect on our lineage and the spirits of ancestors. Those who visit are welcome to leave hand-written message, thoughts and offerings.

Whilst in Athboy don’t forget to visit some of the local venues in the town for some craic agus ceol with some of the best of Irish traditional music and you never know who you might see dropping by for a session.

Daily Fire Performances and Castle Projections

The exterior walls of Trim Castle are brought to life with the story of Samhain through projections and the amazing Pyro Collective, who will be performing their captivating fire displays on the 28,29,30th of October at the Barbican Gate of Trim Castle. This event starts at 6.30pm and is a free, non-ticketed event.