LocationHill of Ward
Time8:00 am
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Join Siobhán de Paor, shamanic poet, at dawn on the Hill of Tlachtga. As we approach Samhain and the beginning of the Celtic Year; this is an opportunity to give buíochas (give thanks) for the harvest of our year’s labour and prepare to cross the threshold into winter. We will align ourselves with nature’s rhythms through poetry, song, offerings and Gaeilge.

Siobhán de Paor

Siobhán de Paor is an artist, wordsmith and mother. She creates experiential shows weaving ritual and theatre as a bard. She is exploring the anatomy of the Irish language incorporating movement with spoken word. She works as a creative tutor of poetry and theatre and expressive arts for children and adults. She is a facilitator of ceremony for the eight fire festivals of the Celtic Wheel, rites of passage and women’s circles. Although originally from the Ring Gaeltacht in Waterford, it wasn’t until she landed in the West Kerry Gaeltacht seven years ago that she began to write in Irish. She is being supported by Ealaíon na Gaeltachta to continue her art through Irish.

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