On your walk through Slane Castle’s grounds you will find the following artists and installations lighting up the night.

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The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night sees spoken word from Stephen James Smith’s poem of the same name unfolding within Slane Distillery courtyard, drawing visitors in to engage with the ancient tales of Samhain. Specially commissioned for Púca.

Emotional Fish

Emotional Fish emerges from the darkness activated by passing visitors’ presence. Jørgen Callesen’s work (with Jacob Tekiela) brings to life a series of peculiar creatures that lie somewhere between realistic and nightmarish – a disturbing transformation of the normal into the grotesque – man, woman, fish, goddess and demon.

Double Take Projections

Double Take Projections work their magic to bring Slane Castle itself to life through intricate projection mapping. For the first time in its history the façade of Slane Castle comes to life through film with the spirt of Samhain and the Púca centre stage. Music by Matthew Nolan.

Fire Flies

Fire Flies is poignant and beautiful, set to captivate visitors with its sense of otherworldliness. The kinetic light & sound sculpture by Mark Anderson sees red-lit miniature mechanical drones buzz around each other in the darkness, creating a merry dance.

Oíche Shamhna Whispers

Oíche Shamhna Whispers is a newly commissioned sound & visual installation for the woodland at Slane Castle. Composer Matthew Nolan and a filmmaker create a visually arresting soundscape whispering Samhain tales in the ears and minds of passers-by.

Creatures from Within

Creatures from Within will burst from Slane Castle. Designs In Air release the colourful creatures held within, playfully bringing to life the intriguing and supernatural connections of the Castle.

The Sun at Night

The Sun at Night is a constantly evolving installation work by David Henckel that brings light to the darkness, exploring our relationship to the Sun. It offers space for reflection and contemplation on our place in the Universe drawing on ancient beliefs and cutting edge science, unsettling viewers with its sinister soundtrack.

Feather Dervishes

Feather Dervishes creates a mesmeric holographic like dance using spinning feathers shed by the Morrigan along the trail path. Mark Anderson’s kinetic light and sound installation delicately moves with spinning whistles to make a bird like warbling.


Chromotopia by Paul Friedlander blurs the visible and invisible allowing us to see what is usually hidden from sight, just like Halloween. The collection of kinetic light sculptures create a visual medley of light and motion, the vibrating rope becomes invisible to the eye but the colours, usually invisible to the naked eye, are revealed – a thinning of the veil.


Over the Halloween weekend (29-31 October) The uncategorisable company of dancers, aerialists, theatre makers and acrobats, LUXE will ramp up the festival fun as they rove across the grounds of Slane Castle creating spectacular moments and much more to entertain visitors to Púca’s playground.