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What is Puca Festival?

Celebrating Ireland as the birthplace of Halloween, Púca Festival is an authentic, immersive, and otherworldly festival. Vibrant, fun, and contemporary in feel but strongly rooted in tradition, Púca takes place in festival hubs Trim and Athboy in County Meath each October.


The Puca Festival, working in partnership with Irish artists, seanchaí storytellers, and the local community Púca will showcase the best in contemporary Irish music, spectacle, and performance over four days and five nights in Ireland’s Ancient East.


When light turns to dark and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thins, the creatures of Samhain, Ireland’s ancient Halloween tradition, come to life.

What's Happening

Getting There

Getting to the festival is a breeze with Trim being very well connected by bus to key towns and cities like Dublin and Drogheda. For international visitors, traveling to Ireland is a seamless journey by plane or ferry. Dublin offers numerous flight connections from around the world and boasts excellent ferry services from neighboring countries like the UK and France. Once you arrive in Dublin, the festival grounds are easily reached by our Festival Coaches to Trim and Athboy.