Date31st October 2022
LocationFair Green, Athboy
TimeFrom 6.30pm
PriceFree, Non-Ticketed

We invite you to gather in the Fair Green on Halloween night in anticipation of the arrival of the embers from the Samhain fires at the Hill of Ward Ceremony.  This will pay homage to the earliest Samhain bonfires when all fires would be doused and lit again from the communal bonfire.

When the fire at Tlachtga was lit, it gave the signal that all was well and that all other fires could now be relit.

While you wait you will be treated to some videos and performance celebrating the significance of the fires and their locations.

The embers from Tlachtga will arrive via procession and will be used to ignite a new fire in the Fair Green.

Once this fire is lit, the celebrations will begin, including:

Hit Machine Drummers

The Hit Machine Drummers are a brotherhood of rhythmic warriors, their live show is designed to enthral and entertain with dynamic captivating drumming. They are Ireland’s top rhythm based entertainment

Triple Goddess Morrigan Fire Act

Through Irish Mythology, Live Storytelling, Movement, Fire Dance and Original Live Music, Erebidae Circus share the intimate stories of Ireland’s greatest female characters. This Samhain they light their fires in the name of Badb, Nemain, Macha and Morrigan, to illuminate the bravery and resilience of Ireland’s warrior women. Enter and explore the dark veiled realm of Irish war goddesses and emerge enchanted!


The evening will close with a free performance by Irish music superstars Kila.

Award-winning band, Kíla, are heralded as one of Ireland’s most innovative and exciting bands. Their unique sound has been ever-evolving, rooted in tradition, yet inspired by a myriad of influences and ideas from all around the world.

Often defined as contemporary Irish World music, Kíla fuse the effects of their own melodies and Irish (Gaeilge) lyrics, Irish folk instruments such as whistles, fiddles, Uilleann pipes, bones and bodhrán with djembe, congas, drums, mandolins, brass, and acoustic/electric/ bass guitars. Kíla’s eight members come from the differing musical backgrounds of traditional, classical, and rock.

Map of the Closing Procession

To see the full route of the closing procession, you can download our map using the link below :
Closing Procession Route Map

Terms and conditions

All ages event

Free, Non ticketed

Outdoor event, we advise wearing appropriate clothing for the weather