Date29th, 30th, 31st October 2022
SiteTrim & Athboy
LocationSally Rogers Bar Trim , Macra Hall Athboy
TimeHourly from 1pm to 7pm
Price Free, Ticketed Event
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Come and join in in this social game where you will form part of a small Irish town and will be assigned a secret role within it.

Trust nobody and observe closely, because faeries are hiding among townspeople and as day turns to night, their aim is to steal people away!

You won’t want to miss these fun parlour games of finger pointing and self preservation.

While most people nowadays believe faeries to be gentle creatures, in Ireland they have a more sinister reputation. They can steal people away, drive people insane, blight cattle and crops – and drink human blood.

In our village we’ve had a problem with the faeries snatching away people and sometimes replacing them with one of their own, an imposter.

On occasion they won’t even leave one of their own behind but rather a lump of wood or bundle of twigs called a stock, enchanted to seem like a human, which will sicken and die before our eyes!

The faeries are very active at this time of year. Halloween is a time when the veil between our world and the shadow world is extremely thin. A time when you are more likely to encounter the supernatural

The town needs your help….




26 tickets released per hour


13 tickets released per hour

Terms and conditions

These games are recommended for ages 9 and up.

Free, ticketed event.

Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

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