Take the Quiz to find your Samhain Spirit!

Which spirit are you? Are you the mischievous Fear Dearg, the brave Morrigan, do you emanate the gentleness and healing light of Boann, or do you rise to the master of Samhain Festivities, the shape-shifting Púca? Take our quiz below to find out!

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The Morrigan represents the dark, she is the fiercest of all the Irish goddesses.

The Irish goddess of death, destiny, and battle. A trio of sisters who could take the form of a single goddess, she is the keeper of fate and a purveyor of prophecy.

She is filled with a burning energy, making her ready to charge at any moment.

Crows and ravens follow her spirit so if you see them around it could mean that she is close by!


Emanating from Boann is a gentle, glowing light. The goddess of poetry, fertility and knowledge.

Graceful, gentle and flowing like a river, she represents the Boyne.

An Fear Dearg

An Fear Dearg is the essence of mischiefness, frantically moving around showing off his acrobatic skills.

Samhain is his night for fun and he wants to put on a show, but watch out as he is a real trickster and loves playing pranks!


The ruler of the festival. You’ll find the Púca roaming the darkness like a shadowy spectre.

Watch out in the shadows because this is where the shape shifting spirit of the Púca comes alive!

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